embellished beaded buffalo skull

Denim and Bone is an art, design and fashion brand specialising in embroidered and embellished jackets, bohemian wall art and hand picked vintage jewellery.

Founder Daisy Harkness started Denim and Bone on returning home to the Kent countryside from her travels. She spent three years exploring the world taking inspiration as she went. She returned with a collection of treasures from India, Thailand and Bali including jewellery and fabrics.


Daisy created her very first jacket for herself, using an old denim Levis she embellished it with the fabrics she found on her travels. Since then Daisy has a source of top quality vintage denim jackets and ethnic fabrics sourced from around the world to create her one of a kind ‘Festival Jackets’ for others to love and enjoy. 

Over time her designs have developed to creating unique, embroidered jackets. All of her  highly intricate embroideries are designed and sewn by Daisy in her studio in Kent. She wants her jackets to be seen as “a form of art that will last the test of time”.


Daisy took inspiration from her travels in Bali where local artists would line up beautiful, intricately carved buffalo skulls for sale on the streets. Combining Balinese bone carving with the tradition of Huichol Mexican beading Daisy created a form of modern bohemian wall art.

It is Denim and Bone’s belief that beading and embellishing these skulls embodies the essence of the animals to further extend their beauty in their afterlife.